The Story Of Neon

The name ‘neon’ originates from the Greek word meaning ‘new’ but where did it all begin?  British scientists Morris W. Travers and William Ramsay first... View Article

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Art in the Home 2

The transformation of art within a home can be a statement piece that becomes a focal point or can sit in your personal space for... View Article

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Icons In a Modern World

Mention ‘icons’ and every one of us will have a face or character come to mind, whether from music, film, fashion, entertainment, childhood or history... View Article

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Art is Singing Out

Art and music – both compositions of emotional power, pace and texture. Maybe it’s the crescendo of a violin, swirl of the watercolour, the breakbeat... View Article

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Art In The Home

Art in your home. Your choice, your statement, your style. Not only does art provide a focal point to your room but also makes a... View Article

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Pop Art

Pop Art, you hear the term but where did it originate, what is it, how does it influence us in the here and now? At... View Article

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We’re a BAPTA Semi-Finalist!

We are delighted to announce that we are Semi-Finalists for the Bournemouth and Poole Tourist Awards with the final being held next month! Our thanks... View Article

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Diverse Abilities Gala Ball 2017

This year we were delighted to be able to take part in the Diverse Abilities Gala Ball and Auction held at the end of the... View Article

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Chicara Nagata

For most people, the time between Christmas and New Year is a little uneventful, a pause before the celebrations of the New Year. As you... View Article

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Ambassadeur Art exhibits work from both national and international artists with a variety of backgrounds and cultures. From fine art to graffiti, graphic design to tattoo artists they bring a wealth of experience, flavour and techniques to their pieces. Many are renowned, award winning or internationally acclaimed, some emerging artists, others local artists featured in and around Bournemouth and Dorset. With a variety of mediums including canvas, slate, wood, bronze, aluminium, gold leaf, diamond dust, silk feathers, Perspex and fibreglass they create intricate, bold and edgy but most of all unique and original urban and pop art.

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Dom Pattinson

Edu Danesi

Darren West

Dairo Vargas

Iain Alexander